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Polythene and non-decompose waste material free area

Polythene and non-decompose waste material free area.............


Make the premises of National Museum Polythene and non-decompose waste material free area

Department of National Museums has been decided to make the premises of National Museums Polythene and none decompose waste material free area from15th May 2017, as a solution for the garbage problem.

Visitors who are coming to the National Museum and the Museum of Natural History are bringing some non decompose waste and put here &there in the Museum premises .And it is  a big problem to the department. Specially the remain foods which are in here& there make an unpleasant smell in the Museum Premises. The   empty yoghurt cups, polythene bags etc. cause a big barrier to keep the environment clean and beautiful. Considering all these facts, it has been decided to keep the Museum premises environment friendly and a pleasant   place   to the visitors. With regarding   that purpose a decision has taken to make the area polythene   none decompose waste materials free area.

The department of National   Museums kindly request you please prevent from bringing your meals by wrapping in polythene, disposable water bottles, and meals in the Styrofoam (rigifoam) boxes etc. When visits the national Museum and Museum of Natural History.

As well as the department once again make a humble request, please do not remain the waste foods, food covers, empty water bottles and soft drinks bottles etc. Which   you buy from the department cafeteria, in the premises.

Department decided to take these steps for a better tomorrow for the visitors. If it cause any inconvenience to   you, we apologize from you.