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Questionnaire contests on "Uruma 2010"

Questionnaire contests on "Uruma" 2010 organized by the Department of National Museums 16th of February 2010 - 31stof August 2010.

Organization of a programme which can be entered by all school students of Sri Lanka,in order to develop the knowledge and attitude of school students in regard to National heritage.
Sinhala / Tamil / English
Duration of Contest

16th of February 2010 - 31st of August 2010
The questionnaire prepared by the Department of National Museums, should be filled with one's own hand writing and filled by the Principal with signature, date and seal and be sent to the following address before 2010 August 31st

The Department of National Museums,
Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha,
Colombo 07.

Museum Keeper (National Museum of Colombo)
T. P. 0094 112 694366 - 0094 112 694767 Ex- 219

Museum Keeper (National Museum of Natural History)
T.P. 0094 112 691399 - 0094 112 694767 Ex- 234

Education and Publication Assistant
0094 112 694767 - Ex 230

Rules and Regulations of the Contest
  • Children of the families employed in the Department of National Museums cannot enter the contest.
  • All questionnaires must be filled in hand writing clearly.
  • Attention will be paid to correct spellings.
The contest will be conducted under two groups
  1. Junior section: Year 6 -Year 11
  2. Senior section: Year 12- Year 13
  • Those who obtain First, Second and third positions of Junior and senior sections will be presented prizes and certificates.
  • 200 contestants showing special ability will be presented Merit certificates.
Downlaod Application Forms
Junior section: Year 6 -Year 11
Senior section: Year 12- Year 13

Downlaod Questionnaires

Junior section: Year 6 -Year 11
Senior section: Year 12- Year 13

Final decision on the Contest will lie with the Department of National Museums.
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