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Geology Division

The history of the Geology Division goes as far as the commencement of the Colombo National Museum in 1877. The Division maintains a collection of significant Geological and Prehistoric specimen.

  • The collection of Geological specimen:

Mineral and Rocks:

The collection represents almost every mineral and rock type found in Sri Lanka.


The collection of fossils comprises both local and foreign fossils. The collection of local fossils represents almost each and every

fossil found so far in Sri Lanka, which belongs to the Pleistocene, Jurassic and Miocene periods.


  • The collection of Prehistoric specimen:

The collection comprises both local and foreign prehistoric specimen. The local prehistoric collection armed with human skeletal
remains and stone artefacts found from more than ten prehistoric  sites  in Sri Lanka.

Services rendered by Geology Division

*    Provide scientific data and information for local and foreign researches, students and for general public related
to the subject.

*    Promote awareness among the people via permanent and mobile exhibitions related to the Geological and
Prehistoric specimens.

*    Provide opportunities to conduct research on the Geological and Prehistoric specimen under the following conditions.

      • Geological specimen should be handled by using gloves, mask and hand lenses.
      • Required Gloves, mask, hand lenses and pencils are not provided by the Geology Division.
      • Specimen handling tray will be provided.
      • Touching and moving of specimen should be minimized.
      • Food and mobile phones are not allowed in the study area.
      • Knives, Scissors and other scraping objects are not allowed.
      • Sampling, Scraping or making any damage to the specimen is highly prohibited.
      • Specimen should be handled under the supervision of Geology Division.

Contact Details

Name : Mrs.B.L.D.Awanthika Buthpitiya
Designation : Curator (Geology)
Tel. No. : 0094 112 691399
E-mail :

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